Square Tree Corp.

Square Tree Corp. is a company that offers consulting services to individuals as well as to European and international companies willing to invest in Panama with various business activities, such as the marketing of products and services, the purchase and management of real estates, the business administration, etc.

We accompany the client in all steps involved with the development of his investment of business project, providing the necessary assistance in relation to the legal, fiscal, corporate and accounting management areas. We are also pleased to claim collaborative relationships with the major financial institutions present in the area.

Few words about Panamá

In recent years Panama has become one of the most aimed countries of Latin America for those who are looking for attractive investment opportunities, or for people who wish to move their residence in a context in which it is possible to have a good level of life with lower costs in comparison with the countries of the West, without renouncing to important factors such as security, an efficient health system and comforts.


Committed to give the best support and services through a team of qualified professionals and by providing our customers with complete solutions to their needs of development and investments.

Panama is an ideal destination for investment and in particular offers:

The political and economic stability

The Republic of Panama is a country politically and economically stable and that offers a high level of security with regard to the tax system, legal and political system. The system encourages the Panamanian investment of the subject; both nacional and foreign investors and all have the same rights and protections.

Transportation and logistics

Panama is a major logistical center for companies and important hub of logistics by sea, air and land, both for the transport of goods and for the movement of natural persons.

Panama also has two important free zones that offer relevant tax benefits:

  • Colon Free Zone, located on the Atlantic side of the Canal, is the largest free trade zone in the western hemisphere and the second in the world by volume of goods;
  • Panama Pacific, in the old Howard air base on the outskirts of the city of Panama in the Pacific Ocean, is dedicated to the production of high-technology goods and services.

Real Estate Investments

The Panamanian real estate market offers to potential investors a wide range of solutions either residential, commercial or tourist.

Another area of significant expansion is to the business premises, of which there is a great demand especially in the capital and are now the most profitable investments.