The commercial relations between the Republic of China and Panama will have a positive impact on our national products.

More than twelve pillars have been established between these two nations, based on a political dialogue where the issues to be addressed are tourism incentives, development in the maritime and logistics sector, judicial cooperation, orderly migration, regional headquarters establishments, trade promotion , infrastructures, educational exchanges and the search to achieve sustainable development objectives.

As for the Colon Free Zone, China’s commercial arm in Latin America, this area can achieve a better economy and generate more jobs, since the country of China is importing per year products with an approximate profit of one billion dollars.

With the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, which is about to be signed, our country will be the platform to re-export cargo from Asia.

Thanks to these approaches between Panama and China could be established many jobs and industries for example companies that are dedicated to the assembly of vehicles in our country, as the company HUAWEI that has already established in the Colon Free Zone a sector of assembly and assembly of equipment that is then exported.

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